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Iran 2017 reż. Ali Zare Ghanatnowi 18 min

Date of show:



10:15 PM


Europejskie Centrum Solidarnści

  • Director: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi

This computer animation created in 2D and 3D technology by an Iranian director, producer, and screenwriter Ali Zare Ghanatnowi is the story of a mother who awaits the return of her son from the war. Similar to the mythical Penelope, she is knitting him a pair of gloves because she remembers the winter morning when he was leaving and got frostbitten. The war continues. The mother is waiting. She unravels the gloves and begins knitting again. After her house is bombed, she is sitting on its ruins and knitting the gloves out of her own grey hair. At the very end she hears the sound of footsteps in heavy army boots.

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