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  • Results of 11 edition of Gdańsk DocFilm Festival

    9th June 2013

    MAIN AWARD. THE GREAT GATE OF FREEDOM for: “Man at War” Director: Jacek Bławut, Poland 2012 Jacek Bławut gives us an insight into the world of virtual reality, showing us with masterful craft how the war air-to-air combats are being fought by the international players on the flight simulators. A film warning – with a pulsating under every shot question, whether the anonymous, fictional killing won’t soon change into a real one. We hope that despite Jacek Bławut’s announcement it is not his farewell to documentary. JURY AWARDS, so called Little Gates of Freedom: “Summer with Anton”, Director: Jasna Krajinovic, Belgium 2012 The director of the film Jasna Krajinovic introduces us to the world of 12-year-old Anton Belakov who lives with his grandmother. We spend the summer with him at the war camp, one of the many monitored by Putin. The director watches the servicemen through the eyes of the child, who absorbs the anti-Chechen and anti-Islamic propaganda. What awaits him and who will he become in the future, this emphatic boy who loves his grandma? We were captivated by the presentation of such an important issue in this simple and convincing classic form. “The punk syndrome” Reżyseria: Jukka Kärkkäinen and Jani-Petteri Passi (film photographer), Finnish-Norwegian-Swedish co-production 2012 For the joy of life with which the directors and the protagonists infect us from the first shot and for the story about this exceptional, for us the most beautiful punk-rock band. We thank the directors for their extraordinary gentleness, respect for distinctness and faith in strength given by creativity. With this film they managed to make us see ourselves in these four young men with severe mental disabilities, and we stay with them long after the end of the film. “Red wedding" Reżyseria: Guillaume Soun, Lida Chan, Cambodia, France 2012 In the film by Giullaume Soun and Lida Chan we were captured by the dignity and determination of the protagonist of the film, in which raped, young Sochan – forced to marry a Khmer Rouge – after many years decides to seek justice before the international tribunal. The Jury of the festival awards the directors and the protagonist for their courage and unconventional presentation of such a painful and difficult subject: more than 250 000 marriages imposed by the Khmer Rouge in years 1975–1979.   SPECIAL MENTION For the film “Bahrain – forbidden country”, director: Stéphanie Lamorré, France 2012. Thanks to courage and determination of the director, who filmed out of hiding the dramatically brutal incidents in Bahrain in 2012 and the conversations with the victims’ families, we get information concerning what’s going on in this little isolated from the world country. Audience Award: Blood Brother, dir. Steve Hoover, USA, 2012 HONOURABLE “GATE OF FREEDOM” for Marcel Łoziński

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  • Sunday – the last day of the festival

    9th June 2013

    We’re after four days of the festival – Dorota Paciarelli’s Masterclass, Iranian film overview, Marcel Łoziński’s films overview and many meetings of the authors of competition films with our big audience, which were also made by the Internet!   Sunday, the last day of the festival will be dedicated to our special (Dis)Ability Section. From 11 am in “Neptun” cinema we will screen an amazing film “My Way to Olympia”. The film director, Niko von Glasow meets with the Paralympics from all the world. He asks unbelievable questions and maybe it is his disability that makes his characters not feel ashamed and gives the film more authenticity. At 1 pm we will show an amazingly cheerful film, “The Punk Syndrome ” . The group of mentally disabled punk rockers from Finland set off on the world tour. Is it going to be successful? Another optimistic film is “Little World” – a story of 19-year-old boy from Spain, who travels the world hitchhiking. The boy has got 20 euro and dreams of getting on the other hemisphere of the Earth. As Albert has been moving on a wheelchair for several years the challenge seems to be harder, and the boy’s success is a joy for the audience. Can one’s disability be an advantage? Why so many films about the disabled are being made? These and more questions can be asked during our debate (Dis)Ability in “Neptun” cinema at 2:45 pm. A 6 pm we start the Awards Gala. We will learn who will be the winner of “Brama Wolności” Award and the prize of President of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz (10,000 PLN). After the gala we will be showing: A winner’s film “Inny świat” “Sugar Man” Notice! Festiival Passes do not include the Gala. Free entrances for the Gala can be obtained in “Neptun” cinema box office.

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  • The Penultimate Day

    The Penultimate Day

    8th June 2013

    Saturday is the day of interesting films and meetings. The day will start with Dorota Paciarelli’s Masterclass (unfortunately, it’s the last meeting). From 12:15 you will see the competition films, including the famous “The Whistle” (“Gwizdek”), the premiere screening of “Nirvana Fish” (the screening includes a meeting with the filmmaker). We will learn if a music band Bayer Full achieved success in China, during the screening of “One Billion Happy People” (“Milliard Szczęśliwych Ludzi”) and during a meeting after the screening we will be able to ask the cinematographer, Grzegorz Hartfied, any questions we want . Until the evening we will watch the competition films and the screenings include meetings with amazing guests from Poland and abroad. For more details go to section PROGRAM, GUESTS and FILMS! Apart from competition films, the screening of PANORAMA films will be presented in “Kameralne” cinema (we especially recommend the local Tricity productions: “Optimist” and “Ab Ovo”) and IRANIAN FILMS OVERVIEW. Katayoon Shahabi, the member of this year’s jury, will present the most interesting Iranian documentary productions from the last years. The Awards Gala is scheduled on Sunday. Free entrances for the event are available in “Neptun” cinema box office!

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  • Start the weekend with Gdańsk DocFilm!

    7th June 2013

    Start the weekend with Gdańsk DocFilm! Another day of festival is behind us, thank you for coming in such great numbers!   Yesterday the most hardworking part of the audience started a day with 2-hour MASTERCLASS with Dorota Paciarelli. The participants learned the fundamental rules about writing scripts. If you weren’t able to show you will have a chance to catch up today at 12 p.m. in cinema Kameralne. Dorota Paciarelli will be talking about how to correct a script. In the afternoon for the first time in festival’s history we conducted two teleconferences – with the director from Argentina Jose Luis Garcia and the Finnish debuting director Wille Hyvonen. Both ended with audience’s collective farewell waving to the directors J (which will probably enter the festival’s canon).   And what today?   We start the screenings of out-of-competition films from section Dis(Ability), which will conclude with a debate on Sunday at 2.45 p.m.   Gdańsk DocFilm will again be visited by a friend of the festival – Jacek Bławut. This time the director will be bringing with him his feature-length film “Mat at War” – and he claims it’s his last film. Is that true? You will have a chance to ask this and other questions during the meeting after the screening. More teleconferences will be conducted after the films: “Blood Brother” and “Summer with Anton” (it’s the Polish premiere of this film).   And in the cinema Kameralne a meeting with the master – a review of the films by Marcel Łoziński – a Jury chairman of the 11th edition of Gdańsk DocFilm Festival. After the screening of his six films there will be a meeting with the director.   See you in cinemas Neptun and Kameralne!

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  • From Festival

    From Festival

    6th June 2013


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  • Second day of the festival.

    Second day of the festival.

    6th June 2013

    Second day of the festival. The opening of the 11th edition of Gdańsk DocFilm Festival is behind us, and before us… tens of amazing films, meetings and conversations! Today, Thursday 06.06 we invite you to the first from the series of 3-day meetings – MASTERCLASS with Dorota Paciarelli. From 2 PM in cinema Kameralne we will learn how to write? What is and what is not a genuine film story? We encourage everyone to participate in this exceptional meeting!   And from 2.30 PM competition films in cinema Neptun! We will take a trip through Cambodia, Argentina, Thailand and Indonesia! After the screenings there will be online meetings with the directors. Those who want to relax after a long day we invite to cinema Kameralne at 9.15 PM for a positive film about an Icelandic artist entitled “Amma Lo-fi” (“Grandma Lo-fi”) and those who want to see one more time the concert of Led Zeppelin we invite to cinema Neptun at 10 PM. See you in cinemas Neptun and Kameralne!

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  • Festival Closing Gala

    Festival Closing Gala

    4th June 2013

    Free entrances for the closing gala of 11th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival will be available at Neptun Cinema ticket office, starting from Friday 7th June, 2013. The gala takes place on Sunday 9th June, 2013 at 6 pm at Neptun Cinema. After the awards presentation we will show a winner’s film, as well as two special screenings: a documentary “Inny świat” (dir. Dorota Kędzierzawska) and this year’s Academy Award winner in documentary film category, “Sugar Man” (dir. Malik Bendjelloul). Join us!

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    3rd June 2013

    Festival Passes are now on sale in Cinema Neptun. The Festival Pass is valid for ALL Festival SCREENINGS AND EVENTS during 11th Edition of Festival at Neptun and Kameralne Cinema apart from the Closing Ceremony (free of charge invitations are limited and will be available during Festival). Price of the Pass : 35 zł. Proce of one day ticket: 12 zł. See you in Cinema Neptun and Kameralne! Festival Passes are now on sale in Cinema Neptun. The Festival Pass is valid for ALL Festival SCREENINGS AND EVENTS during 11th Edition of Festival at Neptun and Kameralne Cinema apart from the Closing Ceremony (free of charge invitations are limited and will be available during Festival). Price of the Pass : 35 zł. Proce of one day ticket: 12 zł. See you in Cinema Neptun and Kameralne!

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    9th May 2013

    This year, we would like to invite all the festival spectators who would like to rest after a day-long documentary travel to attend the CLASSIC ROCK EVENINGS (every day at 10PM). Among others projections you will be able to see a recording of the U2 concert at Rose Bowl and the great Kevin Macdonald’s documentary about Bob Marley. Ever evening from Wednesday 05.06 to Saturday 08.06, 10PM, Neptun cinema, entrance free!

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  • Selected films

    Selected films

    6th May 2013

    Selected films – competition, panorama and special section (dis)ability 20 titles selected for the documentary competition. Competition: All for the Good of the World and Nošovice! I Czech Republic I dir. Vit Klusák I 2012 I 52 min Bahrain, the Forbidden Country I France I dir. Stéphanie Lamorré I 2012 I 53 min Blood Brother I USA I dir. Steve Hoover I 2012 I 93 min Freestyle Life I Poland I dir. Adam Palenta I 2012 I 10 min The Girl from the South I Argentina I dir. José Luis García I 2012 I 92 min Katka I Czech Republic I dir. Helena Trestikova I 2012 I 92 min Life In Stills I Israel I dir. Tamara Tal I 2011 I 58 min Little World I Spain I dir. Marcel Barrena I 2012 I 83 min Losing Sonia I Poland I Radka Franczak I 2012 I 50 min Man at War I Poland I dir. Jacek Bławut I 2012 I 75 min My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me I Finland I dir. Wille Hyvonen I 2012 I 58 min Nirvana Fish I Poland I dir. Marcin Klinger I 2013 I 15 min One Billion Happy People I Poland I dir. Maciej Bochniak I 2012 I 60 min The Only Son I Netherlands I dir. Simonka de Jong I 2012 I 78 min Percebeiros – Sea Bites I Spain I dir. David Beriain I 2011 I 11 min The Punk Syndrome I Finland, Norway, Sweden I dir. J. Kärkkäinen I 2012 I 85 min Red Wedding I Cambodia, France I dir. Guillaume Soun, Lida Chan I 2012 I 58 min The Ridge I Spain I dir. Migueltxo Molina, Pablo Iraburu I 2012 I 81 min Summer with Anton I Belgium I dir. Jasna Krajinovic I 2012 I 60 min Tomorrow I Russia I dir. Andrey Gryazev I 2012 I 89 min Where Heaven Meets Hell I USA I dir. Sasha Friedlander I 2012 I 80 min The Whistle I Poland I dir. Grzegorz Zariczny I 2012 I 17 min II. Panorama Ab Ovo I Poland I dir. Piotr Janiszewski I 2011 I 6 min Czech Peace I Czech Republic I dir. Vit Klusák, Filip Remunda I 2010 I 57 min Dream of San Juan I Poland I dir. Jan Paweł Trzaska, Joaquin del Paso I 2012 I 45 min Future, My Love I Great Britain, Sweden I dir. Maja Borg I 2012 I 93 min Grandma Lo-Fi I Iceland I dir. Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir, Orri Jónsson, Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir I 2012 I 62 min Kyrkogardso I Switzerland, Finland I dir. Joakim Chardonnens I 2012 I 23 min One Day After Peace I Israel, South Africa I dir. Miri Laufer, Erez Laufer I 2012 I 86 min Optimist I Poland I dir. Kryspin Pluta I 2012 I 44 min The Palace I Poland I dir. Tomasz Wolski I 2012 I 83 min Rogalik I Poland I dir. Pawel Ziemilski I 2012 I 18 min Soundbreaker I Finland I dir. Kimmo Koskela I 2011 I 85 min Winter, Go Away! I Russia I dir. Alexey Zhiryakov, Denis Klebleev, Askold Kurov, Dmitry Kusabov, Nadezhda Leontieva, Anna Moiseenko, Madina Mustafina, Zosya Rodkevich, Anton Seryogin, Elena Khoreva, Yuri Geddert I 2012 I 79 min (dis)ability Dancing with Dogs I Poland I dir. Izabela Szukalska I 2011 I 14 min Ebb and Flow I Brazil I dir. Gabriel Mascaro I 2012 I 29 min I Am Fighter I Poland I dir. Anna Więckowska I 2012 I 46 min Jimmy I Scotland I dir. Martin Smith I 2011 I 12 min My Way to Olympia I Germany I dir. Niko von Glasow I 2013 I 83 min Sounds for Mazin I Netherlands I dir. Ingrid Kamerling I 2012 I 19 min

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  • 11th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival will be opened

    11th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival will be opened

    6th May 2013

    We would like to invite you to a concert of Contemporary Noise Sextet playing to silent film Piccadilly by A. Dupont in cinema Neptun, 05.06.2013 at 7.00 pm, FREE ENTRANCE! Contemporary Noise Sextet – band founded by Kapsa brothers, formerly members of Something Like Elvis. Earlier also known as Contemporary Noise Quintet, currently working with the german record label Denovali Records. Although their music might be described as energetic jazz with elements of film music, the variety of sounds does not allow to explicitly classify their style. Contemporary Noise Sextet’s members: Kuba Kapsa – piano, Wojtek Jachna – trumpet, Tomek Glazik – tenor and baritone saxophone, Kamil Pater – guitar, Antoni Olszewski – double bass, Bartek Kapsa – drum set. “Piccadilly“ 1929 Ewald André Dupont A young Chinese woman, working in the kitchen at a London dance club, is given the chance to become the club's main act which soon leads to a plot of betrayal, forbidden love and murder.

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  • 5-9.06.2013 11. Gdańsk DocFilm Festival

    5-9.06.2013 11. Gdańsk DocFilm Festival

    6th May 2013

    The 11th edition of the international documentary film festival Gdańsk DocFilm Festival (Dignity & Work) will be held from June 5th to June 9th in Gdańsk, in the cinemas Neptun and Kameralne located at 57 Długa Street. For this year’s competition we received over 300 films from 44 different countries, such as USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Brazil, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Belarus, Croatia, Palestine, Israel and others. Apart from the presentation of competition films there will also be special screenings: World Panorama, review of Iranian cinema, screenings Enabled/Disabled, and retrospectives of different directors. Recordings of musical films will be screened every evening – Classic Rock Evenings, entrance free. Likewise, there will be no admission fee to the inauguration of the festival with live music by Contemporary Noise Sextet. The viewers can also count on meeting with directors, lectures and Masterclass workshops. The presiding juror of this 11th edition of the festival will be Marcel Łoziński (graduated from department of directing in PWSFTViT; pedagogue; member of AMPAS; he was giving lectures in Paris Film School FEMIS and in the Institute of Polish Culture in the University of Warsaw; he conducted workshop trainings in documentary film in Marseille; he is the head of the documentary course in Wajda School). Dorota Paciarelli (graduated from the Department of Production in PWSFTViT; actress; former vice-director of PISF; international coproduction and european regional funds specialist, member of Association of German Film and Television Playwrights VeDRA and European Film Academy) and Katayoon Shahabi (film producer from Iran) will be assisting Marcel Łoziński in evaluating of the competition films. The winner of the contest will be given the “Gate of freedom” statuette and cash prize of 10000zł endowed by the President of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz. Like every year the special commendations and audience award will be given, and another prize will be given to one of the voting viewers. Tickets: for one day – 12zł, for the whole festival – 35zł. See you in the cinema!

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