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  • Grandma's Day

    Miłosz Sakowski, Polska, 2015
  • Mother

    Łukasz Ostalski, Polska, 2013
  • Real Honey

    Sławomir Witek, Polska, 2012
  • In the Corner

    Maciej BartoszKruk, Polska, 2015


  • Short fiction films

    11th March 2017

    At the 15th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival we will introduce screenings of short fiction films. This part of the festival will become permanent and next year there will be a special competition for such forms. From Wednesday 31st May till Friday 2nd June we will present short films between the competition screenings. Among them, you will be able to see productions by the Gdynia Film School students, like the famous „Grandma's Day” by Miłosz Sakowski, „Mother” by ‎‎Łukasz Ostalski, „In the Corner” by Maciej Bartosz Kruk and Sławomir Witek's „Real Honey”.

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  • Entries from 48 countries

    7th March 2017

    We were receiving films for the 15th Gdańsk DocFilm Festival’s competition for 3 months. Ultimately,  260 films from all around the world were submitted. The USA, Australia, Canada, Senegal, Brazil, Argentina Mexico, Colombia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, China, Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Croatia are only some of the countries from which documentaries were sent. We received the largest numbers of entries from European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. The pre-selection committee has began work and the films they chose will compete for the Gate of Freedom award.

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